Cultural Defense of Mental Disorders

Mental disorders are one of the most misunderstood conditions in existence. People who have mental disorders are some of the most mistreated people in any society. The mistreatment of people with mental disorders and mental illness demonstrates humanity’s failing to practice tolerance. However, it is not too late to change society’s attitude toward mental illness. If we hold one another accountable for our behavior, thought patterns and language, we can reverse the trend of discrimination toward those with mental disorders.

First, we need to stop considering mental disorders a defect. They do not make a person defective. They require a person to overcome more challenges than the average person, and for that, they should be commended. Some of the most brilliant minds and indisputable talents have come in a package that includes mental disorders. Living with them often open up mental barriers to understand sides of humanity that most people live their lives without ever detecting. To treat people with mental disorders like throw away people is to do away with many great minds. When someone with a mental disorder is properly encouraged and supported, they are often capable of incredible achievements.

Mental disorders require empathy, patience and understanding. They often take the form of a person with abundant mental abilities in one area and mental deficiencies in another area. This means that if the individual receives proper support through their dark times, they can emerge into their strengths and contribute exponentially to the marketplace of ideas. If intolerance and judgment are put aside and acceptance and understanding take their place, a person with a mental disorder can be someone who changes the world for the better.

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