5 Common Signs of Anxiety

Usually, when we get anxious, the feeling passes after some time. However, when it reoccurs frequently and continues over a long time, you may be faced with more than just anxiety, but a disorder. Here are 5 common signs by which you can identify someone suffering from anxiety.

  • Sense of Uncontrollable Fear and Worry

This is usually the first sign of anxiety. The sufferer begins to experience feelings of dread or impending danger. These assertive feelings of doom in turn set the nerves on a roller-coaster of reactions.

  • Physical Body Reactions

Another sign of anxiety is the physical responses the body reflexively gives off. These signs include excessive sweating, shortage of breath, palpitations, hyperventilation, choking feeling, shaking, chest or stomach pain, and chill sensations, to mention but a few.

  • Psychological Reactions

The body isn’t the only thing that shows signs of anxiety, the mind does too. It gets all fuzzy, restless, and you begin to think obsessively about the possibility of bad things happening. These feelings are usually not attached to any particular occurrence, they just spring up spontaneously.

  • Insomnia, Lack of Concentration, Tiredness

Another sign of anxiety is the inability to sleep or sleep soundly through the night. Sleep gets interrupted time and again, and by daybreak, you’ve barely slept at all. This causes tiredness and lack of concentration during the day.

  • Derealization and Detachment

These usually occur during panic attacks and they are a sign that you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder.

Derealization occurs when you begin to have feelings of unreality; you see, hear or feel things that are not. Detachment, on the other hand, has you detached from yourself, you feel out of your body and unresponsive to reality.

Anxiety takes many forms and has many symptoms. These symptoms also differ from person to person in both mannerism and severity.

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