5 Common Signs of Depression

We all get sad at one point or the other when we have unpleasant experiences. However, feeling sad doesn’t mean we are depressed.

With these 5 common signs, you can tell if someone is depressed, on the condition that the signs last for at least two weeks and beyond.

  • Sudden Change in Behavior

The most common behavioral change in people going through depression is withdrawal. You just notice someone who used to be outgoing and lively is suddenly reserved, moody, and seldom talks. This can be a warning sign that the person is depressed, especially if the spell stretches for weeks or months.

Although not so common, the change can also be the other way round.

  • Nonchalance Towards Former Things of Interest

Another sign of depression is a lack of desire for pleasurable things, such as sex, hanging out with friends, or anything one used to love. This sign can also take the form of loss of appetite. This consequently leads to weight loss and in more severe cases, sicknesses and diseases due to malnutrition.

  • Fatigue, Loss of Focus, Insomnia

These are common effects of psychological stress. They however become a problem that requires urgent attention when they are persistent for a long time.

  • Incessant Drinking and Substance Abuse

In a bid to either forget their worries or restore life to their drowning souls, people experiencing trauma or mental stress exhibit this sign. Unfortunately, drinking and substance abuse only lead them further into depression.

  • Verbal Signs of Hopelessness

When people begin to speak lightly of their death, make hopeless remarks persistently or give indications of self-harm, it’s also a sign they may be depressed.

Depression goes way deeper than sadness and is more persistent. If a friend or loved one suddenly exhibits these signs out of the blues, you need to pay more attention to them.

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